JBL Duet NC Wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones


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JBL Duet NC Wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones
JBL Duet NC Wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones
JBL Duet NC Wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones
JBL Duet NC Wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones

JBL DUET NC 混合式主動降噪罩耳式無綫耳機 - 為 JBL 旗下降噪耳機家族的又一全新成員。它採用混合式主動降噪技術,於耳罩內外分別設置麥克風進行主動消噪,加上封閉式耳罩設計原本就有良好的聲音隔絕效果,聆聽音樂時減少干擾,更加自在如心。而在設計上,JBL DUET NC 混合式主動降噪罩耳式無綫耳機擁有與生俱來的優雅質感,還帶來了難以置信的佩戴舒適度。它的耳罩具有金屬切邊,內部則是蛋白質軟皮革包裹的海綿耳墊,觸感輕柔,整體純黑的色彩內斂不失溫度。這個冬季,有 JBL DUET NC 混合式主動降噪罩耳式無綫耳機的陪伴,純淨的音樂時光也將平添一絲溫暖。


作為一款音樂耳機,JBL DUET NC 採用了目前先進的混合式主動降噪技術。耳機內部有電子系統,可以偵測到環境噪音,然後進行實時測量、比較,產生相對的消除訊號,以達到主動式降噪。同時,通過前饋式和反饋式降噪技術結合,達到良好的噪聲消除效果,讓您靜享音樂。

另外,通過耳罩部分的軟性材料和聲學設計,JBL DUET NC 在佩戴時能夠完整地包覆耳部,進一步減小外部聲音的干擾。不過,對外部聲音的隔絕並不會造成這款耳機的聲音沉悶,反而有力提升了 JBL 標誌性聲音的沉浸感,它能夠創造出有寬度的聲場,高頻不刺耳,低頻有力而不會喧賓奪主。有降噪功能的加持,JBL DUET NC 帶來的聆聽體驗無疑加倍純淨動聽,即便周遭嘈雜無比,也能隨時創造一片屬於美妙音樂的靜享空間。


作為一款便攜的無綫降噪耳機,JBL DUET NC 混合式主動降噪罩耳式無綫耳機最適合的使用場景無疑是通勤和旅途,而 JBL 品牌一脈相承的精工細作令這款耳機足以面對日常的連續使用。JBL DUET NC 混合式主動降噪罩耳式無綫耳機在主動降噪下支援長達15小時的音樂播放,無綫模式下的播放時間更能達到 20 小時,而內置電池只需兩小時就能完全充滿。它舒適的佩戴感也令長時間連續聆聽成為可能,這源自機身的人體工學設計和特別由蛋白質軟皮革包覆的耳罩,接觸皮膚時柔軟貼合,分散壓力。使用這款耳機時,用戶可以在移動設備間無縫切換音樂和來電,配合一鍵式鍵控,即便工作忙碌,也能輕鬆開啟音樂陪伴。

Tune out the world so you can get into your music.

The JBL DUET NC headphones combine eye catching design and premium materials to deliver the world-renowned JBL Signature Sound with wireless convenience and superior active noise cancelling capabilities. With their metal touches on the angled ear-cup and perfectly sealing ear-cushions in soft protein leather they offer an immersive, more enjoyable sound experience while featuring premium design. The Active Noise-Cancelling technology allows you to indulge in your music, nothing but music, both in wired and wireless modes. They also provide 24 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode (15 hours in Bluetooth and noise cancelling mode) and can be completely recharged in just two hours. Multi-tasking is made easy as the JBL DUET NC headphones will seamlessly switch between two devices ensuring that you never miss a call while enjoying your favorite playlist or watching a movie. In addition, you will also enjoy a detachable, tangle free fabric cord with one button remote and a flat folding design for easy transportation in the premium carrying case.

Features and Benefits

- JBL Signature Sound: The legendary JBL Signature sound as found in theaters, arenas and studios around the world is now available in a headphone.
- Active Noise Cancelling: Active noise cancelling reduces outside noise for a more immersive sound experience.
- Bluetooth: Enjoy crystal clear wireless sound and convenient hands-free calling.
- 24-hour battery life with Bluetooth on and ANC off; 15-hour battery life with Bluetooth on and ANC on: Enjoy playlist after playlist from sun up to sundown and more in Bluetooth mode.
- 2-hour charging for a full day entertainment: A rapid two-hour charging gets you up to 24 hours of playback.
- Seamlessly switch between devices: Effortlessly switch from music on your portable device to a call from your phone, so that you never miss a call.
- Leather ear pads and aluminum touches: Comfortable, leather ear pads and aluminum touches complement the sleek look of the headphones.
- Detachable cable with one-button remote: Allows easy management of music and calls from virtually every portable device.
- Sound controls on ear-cup: In wireless mode, ear cup controls offer convenient management of music and calls.
- Improved ergonomic design: Form-fitting, comfortable ear cushions mean that your headphones stay put while you enjoy your music – even when you’re on the go.
- Carrying case: A pouch keeps your entertainment secure when on-the-go.

General Specifications:
Plug: 3.5mm (1/8") stereo mini-jack
Dynamic driver: 40mm
Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
Impedance: TBC
Battery Lifetime: TBC
Weight: TBC

What’s in the box:
- 1 pair of DUET NC headphones
- 1 Detachable cable
- 1 Charging cable
- 1 Carrying pouch
- Warning card
- Warranty card
- Safety sheet

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